About 10 minute mail

A free online tool for generating e-mail addresses

Why a 10-minute mail generator?

Here we count you some points on why!

If it has to be fast and you want to receive e-mails and it takes too long to log in to a webmail provider, you can www.10-minute-mail.com the perfect solution to just receive mails.

You don't need to receive annoying advertising mails, newsletter subscriptions in your main mailbox - just use a generated mailbox and receive the latest mails here that you might only want to read or receive once. After reading, you can delete, download or simply leave the emails in your mailbox for 30 days.

Save time with long subscriptions to other email services. Here you can receive anonymous mails with a generated email account in a few seconds.

Received emails can serve as an online note until you delete them again or they are automatically deleted after 30 days.

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