10 minute mail Generator

Generate new email addresses with mailboxes quickly and easily.

You have {{$ctrl.mails.length}} messages in your mailbox:

Deine E-Mailadresse {{$ctrl.address}} ist fertig.

E-Mails werden hier automatisch angezeigt und nach 30 Tagen gelöscht.

How does the 10 minute mail generator work??

Automatic email address with mailbox generated.

A click on the "Generate" button will generate a new e-mail address for you. The name of the generated e-mail address will be created randomly. You can also change the name by entering your desired name for the mail instead of the generated one in the URL and updating the page once.

With the generated e-mail address you can now register for competitions, newsletters or similar services without having to enter your main e-mail address. This saves you a lot of spam and unnecessary advertising in your main mailbox.

When you receive e-mails, the mails are automatically displayed. The loading bar shows you that you are being searched for new emails in your inbox live.

With the e-mail generator of www.10-minute-mail.com no long registrations elsewhere are necessary anymore. Here you get a free, accessible mailbox which you can use for advertising mails, registrations or for the fast receipt of e-mails.

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